Why Attend?


The Enlightened Economy Summit is happening on May 14 and offers an entire day of panel discussions, keynote presenters and breakout sessions. We are thrilled to bring you an incredible lineup of trailblazing pioneers in business, sustainability and social innovation!

This year's theme, “Transitioning with Impact”, challenges all of us to understand our changing world and focus on a future of engagement, collaboration, and innovation. This summit will offer inspiration, action, and empowerment for changemakers at every level of business, government, community, and our next generation.


Network with 200+ fellow changemakers

Learn from 50+ speakers and panelists

Discover numerous inspiring projects

Connect with local sustainability champions


Attend as a Group

Maximize learning by attending as a group. Participate together in relevant sessions or split up to cover more topics, sharing your session takeaways later.


Imagine an economy driven by collaboration and transparency. Imagine a community of changemakers dedicated to social responsibility and to using their businesses to create positive, long lasting impact in the world.

The good news is you no longer have to imagine — the foundation of this reality already exists and we're bringing the architects to you.

Enlightened Economy Summit 2019