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Registration & Breakfast 7:45-8:45 AM

Opening Remarks 8:45-9:00 AM

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Master of Ceremony - Jennifer Crosby, Global News
Jennifer Crosby is a veteran communicator and journalist, bringing heart and humour to the anchor desk. Her extensive interviewing and live news experience drive the conversation around the day’s biggest stories during Global News at Noon, a new style of broadcast that digs deeper into the issues that define us. Jennifer is the recipient of a Visionaries Under 40 award for media and publishing. She holds a diploma in Broadcast Journalism from BCIT and a Bachelors of Anthropology from the University of Victoria. A lapsed novelist and extremely amateur chef, Jennifer is also a frequent emcee for beloved local events like Ballet Edmonton’s Art & Sole, and the 1000 Women annual fundraising luncheon.

opening Keynote 9:00-9:45 AM

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Peter van Stolk, CEO, SPUD.ca
Peter van Stolk is the CEO of Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery or SPUD.ca TM, and Food-X Urban Delivery Inc. SPUD Inc. has expanded into one of the largest online grocery companies in Canada, employing over 700 people across all its markets delivering fresh, local, organic produce and groceries. With a mission of changing the world one bite at a time and a passion for a sustainable food system, SPUD’s goal is to use its connection to local and organic food to help improve the places where we live and work. From this vision, Be Fresh Local Market was proudly cultivated by SPUD, with the first store opening in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood in 2015. Be Fresh currently serves six local communities in Vancouver. In 2017, Blush Lane Organic Market joined the SPUD family supporting Edmonton and Calgary across five locations. van Stolk believes: “Food will have the greatest impact on our generation. How we think about food, how we buy food, and how we consume food will change, and we are excited to be a part of this transformation.”
van Stolk has been recognized for his business savvy and innovative branding strategies in various publications such as The New York Times®, CNN®, Wall Street Journal®, Fast CompanyTM, Inc.MagazineTM and People Magazine®. Peter has received numerous business awards including Price, Waterhouse, Coopers’ 40 under 40, Brand Week’s Top 100 Marketer, and was chosen as one of Canada’s Top One Hundred Canadians by MacLean’s Magazine®.

opening panel discussion 9:45-10:30 AM


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Break 10:30-10:45 AM

Breakout sessions - Mapping an Economy in Transition 10:45-12:00 PM


1. A Low Carbon Economy

Carbon has been the backbone of economic growth since the industrial revolution. Join this sessions as they explore what it means to transition to a low carbon economy and the challenges and opportunities that come with it.

2. The Future of Work

The nature of work and how people are engaged in their careers have changed significantly. Opportunities are more dynamic than ever, and the skills and knowledge needed to keep up need to follow suit. This panel discussion will explore how businesses are evolving to lead the changing nature of work, and how other sectors can follow as well.

3. Responsibility in Emerging Industries

Emerging industries can change how society interacts for the better, but there can be unintended consequences as well. During this session, we’ll identify the biggest challenges emerging industries face and how to tackle them responsibly.

4. Achieving Gender Equality

We’ve come a long way on Gender Equality, but there’s still much to do! Join this session as they discuss past successes and future challenges that await in achieving true gender equality.

5. A Smart and Healthy City

Technology changes at an exponential rate to advance society in a number of ways. However, the notion of a smart city is ambiguous and means different things to different people. This session will discuss how we can make cities sustainable, safe, open, and healthy.

Afternoon Agenda



Lunch 12:00-1:00 PM

Afternoon Panel - Inspiring Projects 1:00-1:45 PM


Breakout sessions - Movements Forward 1:45-3:00 PM


1. Becoming a B Corp

Profit is important, but is that the only measure of success in business? This session explores a new model based on a business’s impact on the community, employees, and the environment. By incorporating the B Corp Certification into their operations and considering all stakeholders, this set of local innovators are changing the face of capitalism.

2. Affordable Housing

Everyone deserves a place to live, but affordable housing remains a significant societal issue. This panel explores the opportunities and challenges in making affordable housing available to all, while also addressing the barriers impeding progress.

3. Conscious Consumers

Being a consumer has never been easier with the access and amount of options out there, but it has also never been as difficult with the amount of information available about what we're buying and who we're buying from. This session will discuss how you can use your money to impact local communities, business practices, and supply chains.

4. Social Finance

Social finance supports businesses and organizations that produce social impact. From social enterprises and charities, to co-operatives and impact-focused organisations, social finance can stimulate positive social and environmental returns for investors and the world at large. Join this panel as they discuss the movement towards more social finance and how it can improve the world we live in.

5. Social Enterprise

Social enterprises seek to optimize profits while also maximizing benefits to the environment and society, such as through job training programs for marginalized populations. Join this panel as they explore the future of social enterprise.

Break 3:00-3:15 PM



Kori Chilibeck (right) & Matthew Moreau (left) , Co-Founders, Earth Group
If you had the chance, would you change the world?
The Earth Group exists entirely to provide food, water, and education to children globally. This is accomplished through a worldwide, exclusive partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) that sees the company donating 100% of its profits to funding school meal programmes. School meals incentivize children to attend school and break the cycle of poverty, hunger, and child exploitation in the world’s poorest areas. Critically, they allow children to focus on their studies rather than their stomachs.
Founders Kori Chilibeck & Matt Moreau share their story of how the company began in a university apartment and has become a social enterprise with a global presence. The company has experienced tremendous ups & downs, including facing down bankruptcy while Kori & Matt suspended their pay for several years and took on second and third jobs. Today the company is as strong as it has ever been, with a growing community of supporters nationally & internationally. The company has funded millions of school meals to children globally and is determined to become a dominant global brand that will be at the forefront of solving world hunger.
Their talk covers the challenges of existing as a social enterprise in a market dominated by Coca-Cola, Pepsi, & Nestle. Using innovative marketing tactics and a dogged tenacity in constantly sharing their story, Kori & Matt have grown the company from its humble beginnings into an example of how WFP perceives fundraising can be accomplished in the future. The Earth Group believes that it is more important today how you spend your dollars than how you vote. This talk will shed light on the unique business model Kori & Matt have created, and how they have become the change they wish to see in the world.