Enlightened Economy Summit 2018

Creating Change for the Future

 May 1, 2018   Roundhouse   Edmonton



Imagine an economy driven by collaboration and transparency. Imagine a community of entrepreneurs dedicated to social responsibility and using their businesses to create positive, long lasting impact in the world.

The good news is you no longer have to imagine — the foundation of this reality already exists and we're bringing the architects to you.

Now it's our turn. Let's get educated, let's get active and let's create the future we've always envisioned.


The Agenda

The Enlightened Economy Summit offers an entire day of panel discussions, keynote presenters and breakout sessions. We are thrilled to bring you an incredible lineup of trailblazing pioneers in business, sustainability and social innovation!

The Breakout Sessions


Business as a force
for good

Understanding social enterprise, social innovation and shared value

Responsible Investing & Finance

Considering the role of responsible, impactful investing

Empowering the Next generation of Leaders

Harnessing the power of the next generation in social sustainability

Social Procurement

Exploring how purchasing can be a driver in creating social and environmental benefits


November 2017

"Canada needs a robust community of entrepreneurs who use their companies to create inclusive prosperity in an environmentally sustainable way."

Craig Ryan, Director, Social Entrepreneurship at BDC
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